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Customers of this digital day and age looking for a place to eat out, are not only expecting great food but also great service. If served well, most of these customers are likely to take to the social media and praise the restaurant. Research has shown that a loyal customer would visit a restaurant 1.7 times in a month and would tell about 5 to 6 people on social media. Considering social media’s way of spreading word, one impressed customer can gain you 60 potentials! With social circles now taking influence from their friends’ reviews, each fan post is a valuable marketing tool for restaurant owners. But how do you make a great first impression?

Apart from offering excellent cuisine, your restaurant should show the customers that you’re ready to evolve with them. With the advent of smartphones and touchscreen tablets, your clients can be impressed with a digital restaurant point-of-sale. Consider an iPad application solution that lets your waiters take orders from your customers with a few swipes and taps of his fingers. Since the devices are synchronised, each time an order is taken, the chef in the kitchen gets to know instantly what he needs to cook. iOrderCloud gives you that opportunity to serve your customers quickly and efficiently. Tried and tested in three restaurants, we have helped increase productivity through swift order taking and sales monitoring.

With reports about which waiter is getting the most tipped, you can also manage your staff and reward the most productive ones. The table view helps you easily locate and seat customers without delay. As soon as a transaction is complete, iOrderCloud prompts you to vacate the table. Once vacated, it will be available for your future customers immediately.

If you want to give the customers the liberty to choose their own order from the menu, iOrderCloud’s interface has been designed simply and intuitively so that your customers will face no troubles at all choosing which items to order. So whether you give the iPad to your waiters or your customers, you can be rest assured that its user-friendly design will facilitate them all.

iOrderCloud also comes equipped with a slew of tools for generating customised reports for you to see which menu items are being ordered again and again, what times your customers are spending at your dine-in and how much each customer is paying after their visits. You can now start using iOrderCloud to revolutionise your restaurant’s inventory management, coupon and discounts, staff accountability and sales monitoring. If you want to try it out, we suggest you sign up for the 14-day FREE trial from our website here.

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"We were using another POS product before, but the ease of use & rock solid stability forced us to switch completely to iOrder. The flexible and easy to use interface and not to mention the simple yet effective reporting tools makes it by far the best POS system available in the market. And the price tag on it makes it a no-brainer."— Mustafa Chagla, Butlers Chocolate Cafe

"The installation was fast and the result was incredible. Many people keep asking us where we got this system and how they can get it. Everyone is very impressed, as are we. It is hard to believe we get a system this comprehensive for this price-tag. Great value for money!"— Sara Gheewala, Snog

"We needed a POS that had inventory control, recipe management, comprehensive reports and a simple interface all while keeping within our budget. We found all that and more in iOrder. The best part about it has been the reports which have given us invaluable information about our day to day operations!"— The Lounge

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