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Cafes are the place to go for club meetings, your daily cup of coffee and maybe a nice reading in the corner. With youngsters becoming increasingly tech-savvy everyday, it is no surprise that cafes have started promoting free wireless connection to the Interwebs.

Seeing the inclination towards digital, many retail outlets and brand shops have started incorporating digital retail and point-of-sale systems. Why should cafes be any different?

Digital points-of-sale allow you to not only serve your customers using cool iPads but also help you monitor sales like never before. Because all data is digital (including menus, inventory, stocks, sales, productive times, most ordered items etc.), it can be easily emailed to your bosses. Meanwhile, all data gets synchronised across devices simultaneously which means large menu changes are no big deal anymore. A simple admin panel gives you the control to make any amendments and automatically updates the menus in the iPads your waiters are using to deal with your clients everyday.

We have tried and tested iOrderCloud in three restaurants with amazing results. iOrderCloud not only helped restaurant owners increase staff productivity but also gave them invaluable insight for business development planning. The iOrderCloud is easy to install. All you need to start the trial is an iPad on which you can run the application. The printer, cash drawer and kitchen printer can all be added later if necessary.

Dozens of customisable reports let them compare sales in history, monitor popular items, manage inventory, improve customer relationship management, lock staff permissions and track the performance of their waiters. It allowed them to get an overview of the restaurant’s progress with a simple click or tap of the finger.

With reports about which waiter is getting the most tipped, you can also manage your staff and reward the most productive ones. The table view helps you easily locate and seat customers without delay. As soon as a transaction is complete, iOrderCloud prompts you to vacate the table. Once vacated, it will be available for your future customers immediately.

If you want to give the customers the liberty to choose their own order from the menu, iOrderCloud’s interface has been designed simply and intuitively so that your customers will face no troubles at all choosing which items to order. So whether you give the iPad to your waiters or your customers, you can be rest assured that its user-friendly design will facilitate them all.

Our clients were thrilled with the results that iOrderCloud delivered and we’re now launching iOrderCloud for free trial for the world

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"We were using another POS product before, but the ease of use & rock solid stability forced us to switch completely to iOrder. The flexible and easy to use interface and not to mention the simple yet effective reporting tools makes it by far the best POS system available in the market. And the price tag on it makes it a no-brainer."— Mustafa Chagla, Butlers Chocolate Cafe

"The installation was fast and the result was incredible. Many people keep asking us where we got this system and how they can get it. Everyone is very impressed, as are we. It is hard to believe we get a system this comprehensive for this price-tag. Great value for money!"— Sara Gheewala, Snog

"We needed a POS that had inventory control, recipe management, comprehensive reports and a simple interface all while keeping within our budget. We found all that and more in iOrder. The best part about it has been the reports which have given us invaluable information about our day to day operations!"— The Lounge

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