18July, '13
Summer Dineout

5 Reasons Why Customers Dine at Restaurants in Summer

The hot summer months are here and they are pushing people out of their homes into the bright sunshine. Who wants to stay indoors when there are countless activities to do under the sun? As people get out of their homes, they also flood restaurants, cafes and bars to relax and hang out with their friends and family.

15July, '13

Dining Around the World – Part 5: Mexico

In the US, we eat around our work schedules while in Mexico, they work around their eating schedules. Food and dining is an important part of Mexican culture and even when Mexicans travel, they eat authentic Mexican food to combat homesickness. And they would feel homesick all right because Mexico has a meal culture which puts food first, everything else second.

10July, '13
iOrderCloud newyork

Dining Around the World – Part 4: New York

The streets of New York are abuzz – always. It is the city that never sleeps. And when you’re in a city that doesn’t sleep, you can always assume that restaurants, cafes and bars will be open late into the night. From when the sun breaks over its high skyline, subway goers and cab hailers make quick stops to grab burgers and sandwiches on their way to work. In New York, people like their food on the go. When they’re not jostling past the skyscrapers, they’re on tight schedules, so the meals need to be quick, tasty and fulfilling. This is the main reason why fast food restaurants are thriving in this city of dreams.

8July, '13
restaurant apps

5 Apps Every Restaurant Owner Will Benefit From

As a restaurant owner in the digital age, you need smartphone applications on the go that can help you manage your eatery. Running a restaurant is a special business that requires specialised tools. You not only have to track your investments and their return, but also collaborate with a team of wait staff, managers and chefs. With so much to do, it can be easier if you have apps that can lend a hand.

4July, '13

Dining Around the World – Part 3: Texas

According to Bundle.com, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano are among the top 10 cities that eat out most often in the United States! When heading to Texas, the cowboys are not the only ones who would welcome you warmly. Restaurant managers have long learnt to wake up very early in the morning to ready themselves to serve breakfast to the first customers of the day. Texan restaurants serve for long hours in a day and they make great efforts to make their places of businesses, much like home.