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Dining Around the World – Part 7: Brazil


“For friends, everything. For enemies, the law.”

Brazil Restaurants
Family, football, food, Carnaval. There. We just summed up Brazil for you in four words. The third isn’t the only reason why we love the place! Brazilians are extremely friendly with an incredible zest for life. They’re warm and hospitable and even extended relatives are considered part of the family. The three meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are primarily for socialising. Restaurants in Brazil are chosen on the basis of prestige so making a good name through excellent service, traditional values and authentic cuisine pays off well.
Even if you’re heading out with business colleagues, don’t make the mistake of getting down to business. Lunch is sacred. It may also take up to two hours! Keep the conversation casual and friendly. Brazilians are in no rush to end it and so shouldn’t you. But once we tell you about Brazilian cuisine and traditional serving style, you wouldn’t want to.
If you want to experience real dining in Brazil, head over to a churrascaria (a steakhouse). Once you’re seated, a waiter will bring a mobile bar to your table and get you started on your favourite mix of cocktails. Then, the real fun begins. Meat lovers will rejoice as a troop of Passadors (carvers) move from table to table presenting quality cuts of beef straight from the pit where they are either slow roasted over charcoal or wood embers. Each is then sliced on the table and transferred to your plate. You have a card that is green on one side and red on the other. As long as the green side is up, waiters will keep bringing you samples till your tummy has had enough. Time to turn the card on to its red side so they know you’re done.
After lunch, Brazilians like to grab a snack or before going home from work because there’s no such thing as tea time. Chocolates, chips, biscuits – you’ll find these in roadside shops and in most people’s bags.
Then, how can an account be complete without the famous Carnaval? If you’ve watched the movie “Rio”, you’ll be able to better imagine the scale of this week-long festival. In case you haven’t, you should know that in coastal areas, this country stops completely as the festivities continue day and night. You won’t hear a soul talking about anything other than the Carnaval. It is a festival of dance, music and food.
The feijoada is the country’s national dish which is served all over the country in interesting varieties. As you travel from north to south, the cuisine varies and there’s never a dull moment.
With surprises round the corner, festivities to enjoy and food to savour, we leave Brazil with a heavy heart hoping to return in 2014 as it hosts the FIFA World Cup once again!
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