27August, '13
Restaurants in UK

Dining Around the World – Part 8: the United Kingdom

We didn’t get a chance to have tea with the queen, but here’s what we enjoyed about the UK’s cuisine and dining: cultured, varied and mixed cuisines. Since the UK (not to be confused with Great Britain which refers to the island minus Ireland) is a melting pot of cultures, races and ethnicities, its food is just as diverse.

19August, '13

Dining Around the World – Part 7: Brazil

Family, football, food, Carnaval. There. We just summed up Brazil for you in four words. The third isn’t the only reason why we love the place! Brazilians are extremely friendly with an incredible zest for life. They’re warm and hospitable and even extended relatives are considered part of the family. The three meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are primarily for socialising.

26July, '13

Dining Around the World – Part 6: Bahamas

Time somehow dilates in the Bahamas. The day is so fluid and the lifestyle so laid back, we realise why the Bahamas are such a favourite vacation stop. You wouldn’t find a better place to relax than in the Caribbean. The long sandy beaches, dotted pink with sea shells and clear blue waters remind us of pirates, coconuts and rum.

15July, '13

Dining Around the World – Part 5: Mexico

In the US, we eat around our work schedules while in Mexico, they work around their eating schedules. Food and dining is an important part of Mexican culture and even when Mexicans travel, they eat authentic Mexican food to combat homesickness. And they would feel homesick all right because Mexico has a meal culture which puts food first, everything else second.

10July, '13
iOrderCloud newyork

Dining Around the World – Part 4: New York

The streets of New York are abuzz – always. It is the city that never sleeps. And when you’re in a city that doesn’t sleep, you can always assume that restaurants, cafes and bars will be open late into the night. From when the sun breaks over its high skyline, subway goers and cab hailers make quick stops to grab burgers and sandwiches on their way to work. In New York, people like their food on the go. When they’re not jostling past the skyscrapers, they’re on tight schedules, so the meals need to be quick, tasty and fulfilling. This is the main reason why fast food restaurants are thriving in this city of dreams.