4September, '13
top social restaurants

Top 3 Restaurants Doing It Right On Social Media

As millennials flock to social media more than once a day, all brands who target younger people are benefiting immensely from social interactions. In the case of the fast food industry, some of the top brands including Starbucks, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and Subway are the kings of social media marketing. In this blog post we’ll share with you what the top three of these restaurants are doing right that has put them in this prestigious place.

15August, '13
restaurant tools

3 Successful Social Media Tools for Restaurants

You’ll read a lot of blog posts where social media enthusiasts will try to convince you that a certain kind of technology can remarkably boost your customer relationships. Truth is, technology alone can never improve relations. It can help you keep track of data and derive conclusions from it, but at the end of the day, it is your personal interaction with the people that will compel your diners to keep coming back to your restaurant.

8July, '13
restaurant apps

5 Apps Every Restaurant Owner Will Benefit From

As a restaurant owner in the digital age, you need smartphone applications on the go that can help you manage your eatery. Running a restaurant is a special business that requires specialised tools. You not only have to track your investments and their return, but also collaborate with a team of wait staff, managers and chefs. With so much to do, it can be easier if you have apps that can lend a hand.

26June, '13
Different Ages at Restaurant

How to Treat Restaurant Customers of Different Age Groups

Restaurant customers don’t dine out to buy food. They dine out to buy good feelings and memorable experiences. Great food invites a customer into your restaurant, great ambience makes him sit down and great service keeps him coming back. Here are some tips on how to deal with different demographics visiting your restaurants and make sure that they leave – only to return..

5June, '13
Retail Restaurants

The Future of Retail for Restaurants

Across the globe, eating out is becoming a favourite past time. More and more fast food chains and restaurants are opening up adding to the variety of cuisines available for the customers. When the competition is so tough, every bonus counts. Good food is one thing, but great service is well-remembered. According to a study by CORE Restaurant Marketing, restaurants can expect a loyal customer to buy 1.7 times per month. Combine that with the power of social media and you have 60 people talking about your restaurant with positive reviews. The catch? Great service is easier said than done.