5June, '13
Retail Restaurants

The Future of Retail for Restaurants

Across the globe, eating out is becoming a favourite past time. More and more fast food chains and restaurants are opening up adding to the variety of cuisines available for the customers. When the competition is so tough, every bonus counts. Good food is one thing, but great service is well-remembered. According to a study by CORE Restaurant Marketing, restaurants can expect a loyal customer to buy 1.7 times per month. Combine that with the power of social media and you have 60 people talking about your restaurant with positive reviews. The catch? Great service is easier said than done.

24May, '13
iOrderCloud POS System

iOrdercloud – Future of Restaurant POS

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first installment of our blog. In this first post, we would like to tell you about iOrderCloud, the feature it has and the benefits it can bring to help you manage your restaurant. iOrderCloud is a POS system for restaurants. There were times when you need to purchase specialized hard wares and soft wares to implement a POS system for your restaurants. Now, with iOrderCloud, the whole scenario has been changed. The system is so easy that you can implement it yourself (no need to worry about the high maintenance charges or the after sale support & services).