4September, '13
top social restaurants

Top 3 Restaurants Doing It Right On Social Media

As millennials flock to social media more than once a day, all brands who target younger people are benefiting immensely from social interactions. In the case of the fast food industry, some of the top brands including Starbucks, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and Subway are the kings of social media marketing. In this blog post we’ll share with you what the top three of these restaurants are doing right that has put them in this prestigious place.

18July, '13
Summer Dineout

5 Reasons Why Customers Dine at Restaurants in Summer

The hot summer months are here and they are pushing people out of their homes into the bright sunshine. Who wants to stay indoors when there are countless activities to do under the sun? As people get out of their homes, they also flood restaurants, cafes and bars to relax and hang out with their friends and family.

26June, '13
Different Ages at Restaurant

How to Treat Restaurant Customers of Different Age Groups

Restaurant customers don’t dine out to buy food. They dine out to buy good feelings and memorable experiences. Great food invites a customer into your restaurant, great ambience makes him sit down and great service keeps him coming back. Here are some tips on how to deal with different demographics visiting your restaurants and make sure that they leave – only to return..

12June, '13
Customer Services

5 Simple Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction

92% of consumers have switched business at least once in the last year because of poor customer service and this cost UK businesses £12bn. According to Sentiment Metrics, if you please a customer aged 16-24 years, 71% of them will post a favourable review on social media about your restaurant and recommend their friends to dine out there as well. Sounds like customer satisfaction is a big deal? It is. Always has been. So what has changed in the last few years? Social media. Now that nearly a billion people have Facebook accounts and millions are swarming Twitter, it is clear that a customer’s review never mattered this much before. Here are five simple ways to impress customers at your restaurant.

28May, '13
Restaurant POS system

Do customers value food or service in a restaurant?

Restaurants are rapidly becoming the ideal hangout places for youngsters. With more than a billion of them connected to the world through Facebook, it is important to know if they’re forming favorable opinions about your restaurant. One negative tweet can go a long way and impact your restaurant’s sales. So how do you make them talk about your restaurant long after they have digested the yummy food? You give them something to remember, something to take home. Every restaurant offers food, but does every restaurant offer “experience”?